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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    In Search of Happiness: Cats First

    In Search of Happiness: Cats First

    Happiness is rarely easy or permanent. Never mind, this state of grace is within the reach of all, despite the trials of life, even thanks to them. 

    Clement Marty has nine cats. One at home and eight at "work". Clément is the owner of the café Chat le bonheur, rue Duluth. By launching his project in 2013, the thirties chose to live on something that would make his happiness ... and that of cats.

    "We live in a world of possibilities. There are fewer and fewer excuses for doing a job we do not like. My dad always valued a lot of work. It occupied him enormously, says the third of seven children, born in France. Today, people are seeking more balance in all spheres of their lives. "

    Certainly, when you are a young entrepreneur, you spend most of your time on the job. Shaping a pleasant, stimulating environment is almost a matter of survival.

    Surrounded by "his" cats, Clement feels that he is in his place. His love and knowledge of the feline breed are obvious. It comes in part from his mother, who has also given him his collection of teapots in the shape of a cat for his business, several trainings made with Éduchateur and his daily cohabitation with small machines purring.

    When the master of the house arrives in the morning, his hairy offspring feast him. If he sits in the cafe, it is likely that Luzerne comes to drape himself on his shoulders to make a little nap. Mousse wisely waited for his turn in the window.

    If Clément loves cats, he also likes to do feline education for his customers, whether they are turbulent children or adults a bit clumsy. Between 150 and 350 people go to the cafe daily. It is therefore forbidden to wake a sleeping cat, to take one in his arms or to feed him.

    "I have a client who comes every week from the beginning. She told me she was disappointed at first, because she always wanted to take the animals. Then she learned to appreciate them differently. Today, she has a lot of fun just watching and interacting with them. You can learn a lot about yourself in this way. The animals are really wonderful for that. "

    Before having a cat café, Clement worked with the horses. He cared for the mounts of others, people often too busy to give more than an hour or two a week to their animals. It provoked a great deal of thinking in the mind of someone who - it becomes clear during the interview - never stops asking questions.

    "Take the carriages in town," continues Clement. Rather than banish them, perhaps we could have made room for them in a park with stables. It would save them travel, in some cases, and the stress of walking around cars. "

    "The idea is obviously not to release all animals, but rather to find intermediate solutions. Coffee is one of them. The space is designed to meet the needs of cats. In addition to our residents, we have an adoption program with shelters. "

    The biggest obstacle to the happiness of Clement does not walk on all fours, we suspect. The biggest hindrance to go around in circles is the others! "This low percentage of people or really unpleasant situations remains difficult for me to overcome. To be happy is to manage it without it consuming too much energy. "

    The bad reviews Google or TripAdvisor, he responds systematically, but only after taking a few deep breaths and turned his tongue seven times.

    "There are people who said to me," But why are you stressing? You always succeed. "I try to make them understand that it's precisely because I'm stressed, because I'm working hard and trying to see the things I'm doing succeed! "

    Happiness questionnaire

    One of the keys to your happiness

    "I am satisfied with little. My expectations are reasonable. I will never need a big shack with 18 rooms. The majority of people are really afraid of losing what they have. If, one day, the coffee stopped working, I would be sad, surely, but I would not die. I would do something else. "

    What's missing from your happiness

    " Travel ! I like the spontaneity of life on a trip. Discovery. When you do not travel, you can hardly compare your experiences with other people, who live in very different realities. It helps to get rid of certain conditioning, to get rid of his blinkers too. It was while traveling in Asia that Clement Marty had the idea of ​​opening the first "cat café" in North America.

    Another source of happiness that cats

    "Sport is a big part of my life. When I was younger, I practiced high level judo. Now, I'm doing triathlons, Ironman competitions. This athletic past helped me a lot in the first two years of the business. He always helps me. "

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