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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    In a library, a reader hides the books criticizing Trump

    In a library, a reader hides the books criticizing Trump

    Books against President Donald Trump, for gun control or homosexuality: an anonymous cranky has been taking pleasure in hiding on the shelves of a public library in Idaho for more than a year Western United States) works that displease him to prevent other readers from accessing it. 

    "This is censorship, pure and simple," says the director of the library of Coeur d'Alene, Bette Ammon, in the local press.

    The person or persons responsible for these facts have become accustomed to taking some books, usually on political or social subjects, from the shelves of the library to hide them behind rows of other works on the shelves or to place them on the shelves. the end of the "fiction" section.

    It can take weeks or months for employees to get their hands on the missing books, says Ammon in the American media who are passionate about the case.

    The book most targeted by this mysterious conservative protester is Michael Wolff's Fire And Fury, which paints an apocalyptic picture of the White House under the Trump era. "This one has been moved I do not know how many times," says Ammon, for whom it is deliberate malicious acts.

    As proof, she quotes this word left in the comment box of the library in August 2018, shortly after the beginning of the facts.

    "I noticed a lot of volumes attacking our President," writes the author of the word. "I will continue to hide these books in the darkest places I can find to keep this propaganda out of the hands of young minds (sic). Your liberal anguish gives me great pleasure, "says the text.

    "It's infantile. It is a real waste of time and it does not achieve the desired goal, "says the director.

    By buying books to replace missing ones, the Cœur d'Alene library has three copies of Fire And Fury instead of just one.

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