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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Lady Gaga in a relationship with Bradley Cooper? "We worked hard for that"

    Lady Gaga in a relationship with Bradley Cooper? "We worked hard for that"

    They were so credible in the movie "A Star is Born" that everyone imagined them as a couple. But did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper really flirt on the set? The singer has just come back on the origin of this story... 

    We will have believed, and yet! On the cover of the December issue of Elle magazine, Lady Gaga confirmed that her idyll with Bradley Cooper was orchestrated. The singer has even explained to have wished that this alchemy seems real. "We worked together on a love story," she says, "as a performer and actress, of course I wanted everyone to believe that we were in love, and I wanted the audience can feel it on the night of the Oscars. " It deserved, indeed, a small golden statuette to salute the performance.

    "In fact, we planned everything"

    It must be said that all the ingredients were there to ensure the credibility of this romantic rumor. Lady Gaga bade farewell to Christian Carino in February 2019 and Bradley Cooper separated from Irina Shayk in June. But obviously, the complicity that exploded the screen of the film A Star is Born was in no way related to these ruptures. "We wanted it to go through the lens of the camera and all the televisions that would broadcast the film," she continues, "we worked hard for that, for days, we had everything planned. do a good job!"

    The public can only applaud this masquerade. And it is decidedly successful that Lady Gaga debuts on big screens - after having tried the experiment, in the universe of the series, turning in seasons 5 and 6 of American Horror Story. Shallow, the song she wrote for the film, was awarded the Oscar for best original song ... and was at the heart of a rather curious charge. Hearing the first notes of the title, a certain Steve Ronsen found a striking resemblance to his own creation, Almost, and said he was ready to claim "millions and millions of dollars" to the artist. It can be said: a star is born...

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