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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Shakira: Ex-depressive, she tells her life "unbearable" with Gérard Piqué

    Shakira: Ex-depressive, she tells her life "unbearable" with Gérard Piqué

    Who would have thought that Colombian singer Shakira had suffered a severe depression? Restored and now in good health, the artist reveals how this event could have ruined her family life and her relationship with Gérard Piqué. 

    Bluntly, Shakira confided in one of the darkest periods of her life, her depression. The artist, who suffered a bleeding from the right vocal cord in 2017, explains to the Guardian that she could only communicate through sign language. "It was my identity... (...) Sometimes I could not even get out of bed - I was so depressed." A very painful moment that could have had disastrous consequences on his family life. The wife of Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué and mother of two children (Milan, 6, and Sasha, 4), the interpreter of Waka Waka said that this period of his life was "unbearable". At the time, she also had to postpone her international El Dorado tour because of her injury. "I was not positive, I was so pessimistic, I was a bitter person to go to (...) Gérard saw the worst of me," she recalls.

    "I really had doubts..."

    Mute and depressed, the singer was even afraid of never finding her voice. She told the BBC: "In fact, it was more than a haemorrhage, it was a vascular lesion, so you can imagine, there were times when I really had doubts about my ability to to introduce myself again to a crowd to sing my songs." To find his voice, the artist has tested everything: hypnosis, meditation and even holy water from the French city of Lourdes.

    "A kind of mystical experience"

    Fortunately, Shakira finally found her voice after a few months of recovery. She came back on stage in June 2018. She describes this magical moment as "a kind of mystical experience". The triple Grammy winner also reveals that each concert of her new El Dorado tour has been a real "gift" for her. Exceptionally, this concert will also be broadcast to the cinema worldwide in a unique session at the cinema on November 14, 2019.

    Shakira is also preparing to participate in a big show with Jennifer Lopez at the half time of the next Super Bowl. Organized on February 2, 2020, this show will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. That day, Shakira will also celebrate her 43rd birthday. Two great gifts for the Whenever performer, Wherever.

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