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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    How was Adolf Hitler dead?

    How was Adolf Hitler dead?

    Many legends surrounded the death of Adolf Hitler. What really happened? Here is the story of his last days. 

    Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in his bunker in Berlin. The Red Army is then at the gates of the capital of the Third Reich. The Fuhrer is in the grip of violent attacks of dementia. His entourage knows the lost war, and most fall into debauchery or try to flee.

    The last days of Hitler: between debauchery and insanity

    On April 16, 1945, Adolf Hitler left his headquarters in Ziegenberg, nicknamed the Eagle's Nest, to take refuge in his bunker in Berlin. He has more and more trouble hiding the tremors that affect his left arm. The führer also suffers from psychological disorders: loss of memory and lack of concentration. Sometimes euphoric, persuaded that the army will succeed in repelling the Soviets, sometimes annihilated, Hitler has no more grip on reality.

    In the bunker, the guards and the officers present organize many evenings where alcohol flows freely and ends in debauchery. Göring and Himmler try, during these days, to take the reins of the country, without success.

    Hitler's wedding with Eva Braun

    From the first days in the bunker, Hitler's mistress, Eva Braun, assures her that she will not leave him. They marry on April 29, in the bunker, during a war wedding to the simplified procedure. After the ceremony, Hitler dictates his political testament. He makes Admiral Karl Dönitz his successor at the head of the Reich. Hitler also appoints the ministers who will form the government.

    Hitler's suicide

    On April 30, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun retire to their living room in the early afternoon. At about 15:15, Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister, accompanied by other Nazi dignitaries, enters the living room and discovers the two corpses. Eva Braun poisoned herself with a cyanide capsule while Hitler shot himself in the head. At first, he would not have poisoned himself before using his pistol. The two corpses, in accordance with Hitler's wish, are cremated in the chancery garden.

    The legends around the death of Adolf Hitler

    It is the Red Army that enters Berlin first. A unit is responsible for ensuring the death of Adolf Hitler and recovering the body. Despite the identification of the body through the jaw, Stalin prefers to make the rumor that Hitler is still alive and escaped to Japan or South America. Until the 1990s, rumors circulated on the subject. In 2000, Russia exhibited to the public a skull he presented as that of Hitler. But the British newspaper The Observer ensures that it is the skull of a woman between 20 and 40 years old.

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