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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    In London, dogs go to the cinema

    In London, dogs go to the cinema

    In London, dogs go to the movies, and the initiative of the Picturehouse chain is successful: the picadilly preview of Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson, next Sunday at 11am, is already full.

    "Customers are welcome with their well-behaved dogs for this preview screening," says Picturehouse Central on its website, in the "Dog-Friendly" section.

    In the West End, London's entertainment district, as in 14 other halls across the country, many in the British capital, canines and their masters will discover the animated film of the American director, where the young hero leaves. in search of his dog, quarantined on an island by the city of Megasaki after a canine flu epidemic.

    Picturehouse provides water toys and blankets to be placed on the seat to prevent messy hair, and the sound level is lowered to avoid hitting their hearing ultra sensitive.

    The initiative began in August and has been so successful that it continues at the rate of one session every six weeks. According to Kathryn Smith, film manager quoted by the Times, "these are some of the quietest sessions (...) They are often much better than our human customers," she says, assuring that he does not There has been no incident so far - satisfaction of a natural need or brawl.

    The doors open a little earlier so that everyone can sniff out before settling down. The films are chosen so as to avoid loud and sudden noises that would disturb the audience. Doggies often go to sleep with their masters.

    But some projections catch their attention. Great success according to Kathryn Smith: God's Own Country, love story between two shepherds in Yorkshire, and his many appearances of sheep and dogs.

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