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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Manchester: a man pays his beer 60 000 euros

    Manchester: a man pays his beer 60 000 euros

    Australian journalist Peter Lalor did not have his glasses when paying at the bar of his hotel, his account was immediately charged, says the BBC. 

    The bill is more than salty. A man paid 60,000 euros for a beer at a Manchester hotel, says the BBC. The victim of this gross mistake is Australian cricket reporter Peter Lalor. He was there to cover the test-match series between the teams from England and Australia. Between two meetings, Peter Lalor took advantage of his free time to drink a beer at his hotel. While it was to cost only six euros, the reporter was debited a sum 10,000 times higher than expected.

    Despite the very large amount, his bank did not think it necessary to warn his client to indicate that a significant transaction request had been made. " That's a lot of money. I'm only a cricket journalist, I do not earn a thousand and one cents, "he says bitterly to the BBC.

    The sum of return in the coming days

    On Twitter, the journalist relates: "I did not have my glasses when she presented me the bill. I said I did not want a receipt and she left. "Something made me ask: How much did I pay for this beer? At that moment, she checked, then covered her mouth, before starting to burst out laughing. She did not want to tell me why she was giggling, assuring that an error had been made and that she would be repaired soon, "continues Lalor. The conversation then turned to burlesque, the employee can not stop laughing.

    The manager of the hotel finally intervened. "She took the situation much more seriously," he says. The institution has apologized and the sum is expected to return to the victim's account in the coming days. The height of the story, Peter Lalor also writes about beer for his newspaper. Only positive point in this story: the beer was good, awarded several times, including the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain contest. But not enough to pay 60,000 euros.

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