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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Who killed John Kennedy?

    Who killed John Kennedy?

    Is there a conspiracy behind the murder of JFK, just 56 years ago, on 22/11/63? 

    When Abraham Zapruder takes his camera with him on the morning of November 22, 1963, he has no idea what he is about to film. In the hours that follow, the 35th President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shot in Dallas in front of hundreds of witnesses. Zapruder just had time to film the arrival of the presidential motorcade at Dealey Plaza around 12:30.

    His film, printed on 8 mm film, lasts less than 30 seconds. What he shows is incredible: President Kennedy, accompanied by his wife, seems to first hold his throat, then a few moments later, part of his skull is pulverized. The film is silent and can not accurately determine how many shots were fired.

    After these few moments that will rock the whole country, the events are linked very quickly. At 12:48, the attack against the president is confirmed. At 13:33, the announcement of the death of the president is official. A real manhunt is conducted in the heart of Dallas and around 14h, a man is arrested after shooting himself a policeman. This is Lee Harvey Oswald, a former navy, communist sympathizer who has traveled to the USSR and is known for his pro-Castro views.

    As the shock wave of Kennedy's death crosses the globe, a new twist occurs on November 24, two days after the bombing: Lee Harvey Oswald is shot dead during a transfer of defendants by Jack Ruby, a night club manager known to be close to mafia circles.

    For many already, if the main suspect in the assassination of JFK is silenced, it is because he has secrets to hide. What if Lee Harvey Oswald was only the armed arm of a political conspiracy?

    JFK had many enemies. The Soviets, in the midst of the cold war; the Cuban regime, a few months after the missile crisis; the American extreme right for its progressive measures vis-à-vis blacks; Lyndon Johnson, his vice-president.

    The list is long and the mobiles are not lacking. Yet the Warren Commission, charged with shedding light on Kennedy's assassination, will establish that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. But many gray areas persist, like the poor quality of Zapruder's film that promotes several interpretations "alternative" on the location of the killer and the number of bullets fired. It is in these gray areas that many conspiracy theories have been interfering since 1963.

    We asked Thomas Snégaroff, historian, associate research director at IRIS and teacher at Sciences Po-Paris, to enlighten us on this major event.

    Who killed JFK?

    Thomas Snégaroff: "Lee Harvey Oswald is the killer of John Kennedy in Dallas, November 22, 1963. He was later arrested and murdered in front of the television cameras by Jack Ruby.The motive of Lee Harvey Oswald is a communist who hates the democratic administration and the fact that this administration is trying to destabilize Fidel Castro's legitimate regime."

    Why does the lone killer's version struggle to convince?

    "Lee Harvey Oswald is not anyone, he went to the USSR, who returned to the United States so he was someone who was inspected, watched, watched and found there, practically quiet and murdered. President, it may seem astonishing: He himself, before being heard by justice, is murdered, we want to silence him.For all the people who have read crime novels, novels about the mafia, we know well to silence the embarrassing witness, the one who has things to reveal. "

    Why can not historians establish a definitive version?

    "If we have trouble agreeing on a version, it is also because we lack accurate information, it is this impression of a sloppy investigation, these documents that have disappeared, these witnesses who do not have not been listened to at the right time which both open a field of theories but at the same time do not close it.It is in this interval that come to place a lot of theories on the FBI, the CIA, the Soviets Castro in Cuba, on the Mafia, we have many people who had an interest in Kennedy's death and the mere fact of finding in the archives people who evoke the joyful possibility of Kennedy's death that these people are immediately considered part of this great conspiracy. "

    Why is the CIA the ideal culprit?

    "Allen Dulles, who heads the CIA, is fired by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961. So we say that Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, is fired by the US President, he does not It's not surprising that he is so angry that he is sponsoring the assassination of President Kennedy, Allen Dulles is on the Warren Commission, and Lyndon Johnson appoints him to investigate. President Johnson may be too, except that all these elements, which make sense next to each other in a story that I pose 55 years later, do they Allen Dulles the person responsible for the death - of course not, always be wary of a correlation link that could appear as a causal link, where there can only be the sequence of events that 'may have nothing to do but which according to some draw an explanatory narrative.'

    Why do investigations seem to have been botched?

    "The sloppy investigation, especially of the Warren Commission in the aftermath of the bombing, may for some justify itself by the responsibility of President Lyndon Johnson Johnson, vice president, becomes president if Kennedy dies.It kills Kennedy. there is a rationality, especially since Kennedy is being murdered in Dallas, Texas, which is the state of Lyndon Johnson, so he has networks on the spot, and then we can say that this investigation is botched because There are people who have an interest in not putting their incompetence to the fore: the CIA, especially the FBI, the police, did not prevent the death of the President of the United States. "There is one mission that is the most important of all, it is still to protect the body of the President of the United States."

    Is the craze for this event truly a search for the truth?

    "This event, which is a historical event, the death of the American president, becomes a cultural object, so we are gradually leaving the sphere of reality to enter the realm of the imaginary, which is why 55 years later, theories conspiracy do not deflate, they even tend to grow.In fact what interests, it is less the death of Kennedy than what it allows to tell for example of America, reports of power to find lots of dramatic elements that serve a novelist, a filmmaker, a playwright."

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