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  • Sunday, January 26, 2020

    Channing Tatum defends girlfriend Jessie J against trolls

    Channing Tatum defends girlfriend Jessie J against trolls

    While Channing Tatum and singer Jessie J announced that they were forming a couple again, the actor defended his sweetheart against attacks on social networks.

    The annoying web will not disturb the rediscovered happiness of Channing Tatum and Jessie J. The actor of 39 years and the singer of 31 years have returned after a breakup in December. The two lovers are not hiding: they posted messages on Instagram and the couple was even photographed together for a gala at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, Friday evening. On the pictures, they appear smiling and accomplices.

    The comedian has posted several tender messages on Instagram in recent hours. In one, which accompanies a photo of Jessie J in an evening dress, he writes: "Magic sculpture". In the other, older, he promises that he will come to attend the performance of his sweetheart.

    It was under the last message that some Instagram users saw fit to give their opinion on the companion of Channing Tatum. Saturday morning, the post seemed to have been purged of unpleasant remarks. Nevertheless, "People" spotted some of these messages and the responses of the star of "Magic Mike" and "21 Jump Street".

    To a user who said that Channing Tatum's ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, "looked better with you", the star replied bluntly. "Hey Alex, I don't care about bullshit like this normally. But you seem to be (...) a hateful and tactless person. Why don't you think about what you are doing? It's hurtful and I don't like it. If you can't help but be a horrible and hateful person on my page, and support the infinite and unfathomable beauty of Jess... Please be kind and get the hell out of here. Nobody wants you. Me first. No one has a more beautiful and admirable body than Jess and she is even more so as a person. And yes, that includes my ex. Sorry for your opinion. But I am only stating facts. Facts. Come on hi, watch what you do, you are responsible for what you do,” wrote Channing Tatum.

    The actor then added a message to clarify his thoughts on his ex, Jenna Dewan. "Just to be super clear to other people who want to confuse everything. Jenna is beautiful and wonderful. No one is more beautiful or better than anyone. Beauty cannot be measured. It is in the eye of the beholder. So while you other wonderful people think about these words (...) I will enjoy my fucking evening with my beautiful lady and snuggle in her splendid heart. Hi, ”writes Channing Tatum. Instagram trolls, who like to share negative comments, have found whom to talk to.

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